We offer the following services weekly, monthly, quarterly as required:
  • Bank Reconciliations - Ensures that all of your deposits are making it to your account.
  • Control Sheets - Ensures that the daily sales are reconciled with the bank statement.
  • Paid Outs - Ensures that you know where your petty cash is being spent.
  • HST Reconciliations - Ensures that you've accounted for all of the HST you've paid out, as well as charged.
  • Accounts Payable - Ensures that your vendors have credited all of your payments, and that invoices aren't paid twice.
  • Income Statements - Shows you how your business fared this month, this year, compare against same period for previous years.
  • Royalty and FAF - (Subway specific) Ensures that the correct amount for royalties and FAF are being taken from your bank account.
  • Payroll
  • Accounts Receivable/Payable Lessons on entering A/R, A/P